Dr. Florian TUCĂ, Dr. Gheorghe CRISTACHE: “The altars of the nation’s heroes. Monuments and memorial signs in the Romanian living area. Small dictionary ”, Europa Nova Publishing House, Bucharest, 1995, (334 pages)
* * *

Prof. Dr. Josif Constantin DRĂGAN:
“… The authors named their book with a title as beautiful and inspiring as it was expressive:” The altars of the nation’s heroes “. According to our science, it is part of a first unitary work on such a theme in our historiography. ”

Academician ȘTEFAN PASCU:
“The authors of this valuable work spared neither time nor effort for the creation of this Little Dictionary, which we cherish as a Great Dictionary, traversing the” Great “Country along and across, from the Tisza Plain to the Dniester and beyond. from the Great Sea to the Land of the Beeches and the Land of Herta, stopping, over seven hundred times, to photograph monuments, to copy those inscribed on them, with piety, love and veneration for monuments and, especially, for those who are honored by their descendants through such monuments. “

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