Calendar of the month AUGUST – (LIKE) August 1, Tankers’ Day; American raid, with 178 bombers, on the Ploieşti oil area (1943); loss: 120 dead and 335 wounded (Romanians); The „National Settlement” Regina is established Maria „for the Cult of Heroes” (1940); Creation of the Swiss Confederation (1291); Pastorel (Al.O.) Teodoreanu (1894) was born; The first documentary attestation of the city of Zalău, Sălaj county (1473); Dimitrie Cantemir was elected member of Berlin Academy (1714); August 2 Stephen the Great Died (1504) The publication „Sheet for mind, heart and literature „, led by George Baritiu (1862); Inauguration of the People’s University of Vălenii Mountain by Nicolae Iorga (1908); August 3: Veronica Micle dies (1889); The naturalist Dimitrie Brîndză died (1895); Battle of Guruslau (1601); Henri Coanda invented the cannon without recoil intended for military aviation (1914); August 4: Romanian troops enter Budapest, hurrying the end of the Bolshevik revolution in Hungary (1919); The „Statistical Office for the Principalities United „, led by D. Pop-Martian (1862); Edgar Reichman, a French writer, was born of Romanian origin (1929); August 5: On the last day of the battles on the Muncelu plateau (1917), the lieutenant falls to duty Ecaterina TEODOROIU, the heroine from Târgu Jiu; The offensive of the Romanian Cavalry Corps begins in the Kuban region (1942); The first mention of the customs from Calafat (1424); Marin Preda was born (1922); August 6: Change of face The battle of Marasesti ends (1917), in which the Romanian army lost 27,410 soldiers; Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia (1914); The Library of the Romanian Academy was established (1867); Romania has acceded to the Berne Convention, pt. protection of literary and artistic works (1936); August 7: The composer George Enescu was born (1881); The Paris Convention establishes – the Principalities United States of Moldova and Wallachia, each with ruler, government and assembly own legislator (1858); The Bucharest City Hall was founded (1684); Construction of the first railway in Romania, on the route Bucharest-Giurgiu (1866); Gheorghe Cârţan (Badea Cârţan) died (1911); August 8: The erection of the Metropolitan Cathedral – Iasi (1826) Republic of Ploiesti, led by Alexander Candiano-Popescu (1870); The Higher School of War was founded (1889); August 9: Mihai Viteazul establishes the Romanian Metropolitanate from Transylvania (1600); Mihai Viteazul is assassinated (1601) by order of Emperor Rudolf II; August 10: The assembly of the Swabians from Banat pronounces in the favor of the Union Decision from Alba Iulia (1919); August 11: Iancu de Hunedoara died (1456); Constantin’s victory at Tohan-Zărneşti Brâncoveanu against the Habsburg armies (1690); The Society for Paris was established in Paris the teaching of the Romanian people „(1839); The writer Panait Istrati was born (1884); The poet and mathematician Ion Barbu died (1961); August 12: The historian Constantin Kiritescu died (1965); August 13: Emperor Trajan dies (117); The victory from Călugăreni of Mihai Viteazul (1595); The first documentary attestation of the Peri monastery (1391); Al Cuza enacted the Rural Law (1864); Alexei Mateevici, the author of the poem, died „The Romanian Language” (1917); The writer Ion Lăncrănjan was born (1928); August 14: Romania’s entry into the First World War, The War of the Integration of the Nation (1916); August 15: Assumption of the Mother of God; Romanian Navy Day; Anti-Aircraft Artillery and Missile Day; August 16: The Holy Martyrs of Brâncoveni Constantin Vodă with his four sons: Constantin, Ștefan, Radu, Matthew and the counselor Ianache; August 21: Military Medicine Day; August 22: The inventor Augustin Maior is born (1882) The imperial patent abolished glie bonding of serfs and personal servitude (1785); August 23: Romania ceases operations unilaterally military against the United Nations (1944) Losses recorded on the Eastern Front: 624,740 soldiers out of which 71,585 dead, 243,622 injured and 309,533 missing. August 27: Romania declares war on the Central Powers (1916); August 28: Germany declares war on Romania (1916); August 29: Beheading of St. John the Baptist.

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